Goals and planning behaviour change techniques are two important concepts in behavioural science. Goals are what we strive to achieve, and planning is how we go about achieving them. Goals […]

Feedback and monitoring are two important techniques that can be used to influence behaviour. Feedback is information about the results of behaviour, and monitoring is the process of tracking behaviour […]

Social Support plays a crucial role in behaviour change interventions by leveraging the power of connection and community to enhance motivation, accountability, and resilience. Social support refers to the provision […]

Shaping Knowledge plays a pivotal role in behaviour change interventions by providing individuals with the necessary information and education to make informed decisions and engage in desired behaviours. By shaping […]

Natural Consequences play a significant role in behaviour change interventions, as they tap into individuals’ intrinsic motivation and the inherent outcomes associated with specific behaviours. Natural Consequences refer to the […]

Comparison of behaviour is a behaviour change technique that involves comparing the current behaviour to a desired behaviour. This can be done by providing information about the benefits of the […]

Associations are a type of learning that occurs when two events are repeatedly paired together. When this happens, the brain learns to expect the second event after the first event. […]

Repetition and substitution are two behavioural science techniques that can be used to influence user behaviour. Repetition involves repeatedly exposing users to a desired behaviour, while substitution involves replacing an […]

Comparison of outcomes is a behavioral modification technique that involves comparing the outcomes of two or more behaviors. This can be done to help people make more informed decisions about […]

Reward and threat are two powerful motivators that can be used to influence user behaviour in digital product design. Rewards can be used to encourage users to take desired actions, […]