Radhika has a first-class Master’s degree in Behavioural Science and has worked with various startups in UI/UX for over 7 years. She is currently a senior product designer for a logistics firm in Bangalore, India. Radhika has attended behavioural science boot camps and completed the Behavioural Science Interactive Bootcamp by Irrational Labs in San Francisco, California. She was also selected as one of 40 participants in the Cowry Global Summer School in 2021. Radhika has a BSc in Applied Physical Science and a postgraduate diploma in Instructional Design from the University of Delhi and Symbiosis, respectively. She completed her Master’s degree in Behavioural Science at Christ University, where she received distinctions and conducted research on behavioural decision-making and COVID-19. Radhika has received awards during an entrepreneurial boot camp and was featured as one of the top 100 designers in India.